In June 2017, Loose Tea Music Theatre launched a new improvised opera series. Here’s a trailer which gives you an idea of what to expect.

Leading up to the opening of MYOpera’s 2017 show, The Italian Girl In Algiers, I made a series of artist profiles. These films explore what it takes to be a singer and directer in Toronto’s independent opera scene.

In June 2017 I collaborated again with Opera 5 for their show ‘Suffragette’ – 2 operas by the lesser known composer Ethel Smyth.

For more than 6 months I worked with Tapestry Opera documenting the creative process of their biggest undertaking in years, Oksana G.
Oksana Poster V3 

Continuing my collaboration with Loose Tea Music Theatre, in April 2017 I produced video art for their Haus Musik show.

14716087_1124106817665749_2370534175115750519_nIn November 2016, I began collaborating with Loose TEA Music Theatre on a completely reimagined production of Carmen. The planned show will feature a wraparound screen featuring video projection of the sets, locations and depicting the characters emotions and mental state as well as sound design by SlowPitchSound.
Here is a concept video which gives you an example of what we have planned.

Here is the first of 4 intersecting character profiles, which shows where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and gives an idea as to their motivations for what they’re going to do next.

The second film in the series looks at how Carmen perceived the same event and finds out about how she’s feeling about an upcoming business venture.

The third film looks at Ricardo, Carmen’s mysterious business partner. Why is he planning to open a bar with a woman he hardly knows?

The final film follows Michaela as she tries to convince her husband John, to come home.

In September 2016, MYOpera announced their 2017 production.
Here’s a little snippet of what you missed!

Here is a film I made for Opera Peep Show. An exciting new way to experience opera created by Liederwolfe.

<img src="https://darrenbryantfilms.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/oksana-poster-v3.jpg&quot;

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